IZA Enoshima Guesthouse-Free Space

Free Space (Lounge Bar & Outside Terrace)

Please feel free to use both the Lounge Bar & Outside Terrace. drinks will be served in this area. Every saturday’s night is party time! Sometimes would be a mini Live presented by amateur musicians, sometimes would be a magic show, just come and enjoy it!
IZA Enoshima Guesthouse-Shower Rooms

Shower Rooms

We have three shower rooms. They can be used in any time, and be equipped with body wash and shampoo.
IZA Enoshima Guesthouse-Bathrooms


We have four bathrooms with washlet.

Complimentary Services

IZA Enoshima Guesthouse-In the Shower Rooms

In the Shower Rooms

●Body Soap
●Two-in-one Shampoo
●Hand Soap
●Bath Mat
●Hair Dryer
●Tissues & Paper towels
●Cotton Swabs
●Paper Cups for brushing teeth.

In the Guest House

●Bed Making (You don’t have to return the sheets when you check out.)
●Baggage Check-in (prior to check-in)
●Free Wi-Fi
●Reading Lights, Electrical Outlet, and a Curtain (for dormitory rooms)
●Air Conditioning (in each room)
●Earplugs (only for dormitory guests)

Pay Services

IZA Kamakura Guesthouse-In the Guest House

Pay Services

●Laundry Machine: 330 yen per use
●Toothbrush: 110 yen
●Bath Towel: 110 yen *Please return after use.