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Welcome to Iza-Kamakura!

We opened this guest house on July 12, 2013. It is very close to Hase Station on the Enoden Line, which is the gateway for various famous places in Kamakura such as Hase Temple, Koutoku-in, and Joju-in. We are located just a two-minute walk away from Hase Station, making it so easy for you to go sightseeing in Kamakura. Also, we?re just around 60 meters (about 200 feet) away from Yuigahama Beach, conveniently located so that you can enjoy the beautiful beach throughout the year, from swimming in the summer as well as surfing, windsurfing or paddle boarding.
IZA Kamakura Guesthouse-facade

Our Features

When you hear 'guest house', you might think it will be messy, old, or very small. But what we offer is so different from what you might think. Our European style luxury house, which is like a chateaux hotel, is full of imported furniture, with walls made of brick, all built by hand. Once you enter the gate, you'll see a bar lounge on your left side, and there's a fireplace that we're proud of.
IZA Kamakura Guesthouse-Lounge


At Iza-Kamakura, we put the emphasis on this the most, and try to create a friendly atmosphere for individual customers, of course, as well as for group customers so that they can feel at home. If you need any help, please feel free to ask our friendly staff.
IZA Kamakura Guesthouse-Bar counter

Lounge Bar

The bar counter, made from whisky casks, gives the lounge its atmosphere. You can enjoy this lounge anytime you want. Please use this space to get to know the other guests, or to just get comfortable.


Bicycle for rent

Daily rental Bicycle / ¥1,000

Daily rental Bicycle(AM8:00~PM10:00)¥1,000 Tax included
Every Saturday is Takoyaki Party

Every Saturday is Takoyaki Party

*Every Saturday *Time/7:00PM - 9:00PM *Fee/¥1,000円 (Takoyaki all-you-can-eat+One drink)
*Customers outside the accommodation You can also join us