IZA,Inc. a typical tourist destination of the Kanto region, is the company that operates the accommodation and rental kimono shop in Kamakura and Asakusa. Of IZA unique as the "spirit of hospitality" staff always pursued, we have cordial welcome guest of everyone around the world.

Company Profile

Business name IZA Incorporated
Address 11-7 Sakanosita Kamakura City Kanagawa Japan
Founded May 6,2013
Business Activities Hostel Business
Offices IZA Kamakura Guesthouse
IZA Enoshima Guesthouse
IZA Asakusa Guesthous
TEL +81-467-33-5118
E-MAIL info@izaiza.jp
URL http://izaiza.jp
Group Company Pacifica.Inc.
IZA Pacifica DiveCenter Tokyo
Pacifica DiveCenter Jiyugaoka
Pacifica DiveCenter Fuchu
Pacifica DiveCenter Ichikawa
Pacifica DiveCenter Saitama

Company History

IZA株式会社 沿革
May 2013 Company Founded
Jul 2013 IZA Kamakura Guesthouse was opened.
Sep 2015 IZA Asakusa Guesthouse was opened.
Apr 2017 IZA Enoshima Guesthouse was opened.


IZA Kamakura
(May 25,2013)
Hotel business license
NO.10603 (Kamakura city)
IZA Asakusa
(Sep 3,2015)
Hotel business license
NO.27-160 (Sumida-ku tokyo)
IZA Enoshima
(Apri 19,2017)
Hotel business license
NO.29-1301 (Fujisawa city)