IZA Kamakura Guesthouse-Free Space

Free Space (Lounge Bar & Outside Terrace)

Please feel free to use both the Lounge Bar & Outside Terrace. Breakfast and dinner will be served in this area. We have various seasonal activities such as barbecues in the summer, hot pot (nabe) parties in the winter, and live music performances.
IZA Kamakura Guesthouse-Shower Rooms

Shower Rooms

We have two shower rooms: We have a bathtub in the latter one, but please DO NOT use it. It is only good for taking a shower.
*If you want to take a bath(soak in the bathwater), please let us know. you will be charged a fee of 660 yen.
IZA Kamakura Guesthouse-Bathrooms


We have two bathrooms. The one on the first floor is for men & women, and the one on the second floor, which is next to the dormitory room for women, is only for women.
*Bidet system is installed.

Complimentary Services

IZA Kamakura Guesthouse-In the Shower Rooms

In the Shower Rooms

-Body Soap, Two-in-one Shampoo
-Hand Soap
-Bath Mat
-Hair Dryer
-Cotton Swabs
IZA Kamakura Guesthouse-In the Guest House

In the Guest House

-Baggage Check-in (prior to check-in)
-Bed Making
-Free Wi-Fi
-Free Parking Lots for Motor Bikes & Bicycles
-Air Conditioning (in each room)

Pay Services

IZA Kamakura Guesthouse-Pay Services

Pay Services

-Parking Lots: 1,100 yen from 3 PM to 10 AM.
-Laundry Machine: 330 yen per use.
-Baggage Check-in & Shower (after check-out): 550 yen per use.
-Toothbrush: 110 yen
-Bath Towel: 110 yen *Please return after use.
-Mineral Water: 110 yen
-Breakfast & Dinner: 500 yen~ *Please sign in and reserve with us at check-in. Both will be served in the free space.